The Importance of John Terry

Here’s a brief look at my article on the Chelsea Captain:

“For John Terry, dying on the pitch would be an honour. You’d have to kill him and he might still play” – Luiz Felipe Scolari

It’s been written about and written about, under Jose Mourinho in his second spell, John Terry has rediscovered his form. Although one must wonder if Terry’s form had actually gone anywhere, under previous managers where the skipper didn’t play as well were often in systems that did not lend themselves to Terry’s natural attributes. Andre Villas Boas insisted on playing a high line, often leaving Terry and his defensive partner in hung out to dry; Rafa Benitez simply didn’t play Terry, making it seem as though the end of his career was nigh. However, the past season and a half have seen Terry at his vintage best. “He’s full of confidence. I see my John of 2004, 05, 06. I see him. I don’t see any difference.” The manager said of his captain after Chelsea’s 2-0 win at West Ham. Mourinho is lauded for being able to understand his players better than many other managers, and he has set up his side in such a way that allows John Terry to flourish and concentrate on his strengths. People continuously ask why Cesar Azpilicueta doesn’t go forward as often as Branislav Ivanovic, and if you were to wonder why, it’s clear – Azpilicueta lends his pace where Terry cannot. The Spaniard acts as a shield to his captain, and their side rarely gets penetrated. That’s why among Chelsea fans there are copious amounts of arguments about whether we should blame Gary Cahill or not because he keeps making high profile mistakes that often lead to goals against us (looking at you, Ivanovic) but never any about Terry.

Keep an eye on for the full article coming in a few days.


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